Tuesday, 2 October 2018

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'The axiom to which I always return is this: What you permit you promote. What you accept becomes acceptable. If we fail to hold the line, then we make all sorts of horror possible. It is our moral and professional duty to provide clear, sensible and wise rules and then to uphold them.'

David Daidu on Rules for Life and Behaviour Management

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Better Questioning

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An Excellent Blog for all teachers of Modern Foreign Languages

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This is a very interesting piece of research about Talk for Writing. Students' perceptions, and boys' views in particular, remind us as to why Talk for Writing is so powerful:

I used to hate writing. It was boring listening to the teacher groan on and on because I would just sit there and do nothing. Also then it was hard. Now I love it because it is so much more easy and I produce more work. I think it’s got easier because our teacher teaches us all the things and then we learn stories that include all the things. I also feel more confident…"

“It helped me to memorise it, and drawing the pictures was fun. Usually, I don’t enjoy writing but with this we got to act out and learn in a fun way. Now I know what the writing should sound like and then I can write about anything.”

Download the PDF of Christopher Fox's Research Report