Wednesday, 20 June 2018

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Learn how Russia prepared to host the World Cup, 2018. Find out about the host cities, the countries competing and the history of the World Cup.

Discovery Education has released resources created for use across Key Stage 2 to celebrate the World Cup and to help students learn about its 2018 host nation, Russia. Through videos, children can learn about Russia and the 2018 World Cup and explore some important events in World Cup history. Use the factfiles to read about the participating teams, the host cities and some special World Cup moments.  

The activities offer opportunities for children to test their knowledge of the flags, colours and players of participating countries, as well as answer some general knowledge questions about Russia and the tournament.

Note: You need your school login to access these resources.  Please contact Adrian Jarratt if you require a  login.

Amazing Discovery Education World Cup Resources

I wish I had found AnswerGarden sooner, as it is a wonderfully simple online tool that is perfect for starters and plenary sessions. It is so easy to use and would be excellent, among other things, for knowledge harvests or to assess students' learning at the end of a lesson. AnswerGarden also enables teachers to download students' responses as a PDF so that you can print and display their work. 

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Chatterpix in Your Classroom

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IQ Tests: Are Norwegians Really Less Intelligent now than Before?

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Struggling Readers: Less Grammar, Please!

Free and Easy Storytelling Tools for Educators 

For Primary and Secondary teachers, Knightlab originally created their online tools for journalists but now these are being picked up in schools and used by educators.  This blog post gives an interesting overview of what tools are available and how they can be used for building interactive timelines (TimelineJS), storytelling (StoryMapJS) and comparing images (JuxtaposeJS) in school.

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This is a really simple app that students love. It is a tool that they can use independently on their tablets. They can share their finished collages with others via their blogs, portfolios, or Twitter. Pairing Pic Collage with other tools such as ThingLink, QR Codes or Adobe Voice enables students to enhance the images they have taken by adding their voice or other media. Students can narrate their own work with voice overs about any topic to add information to the images that they have included. 

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Pic Collage