Wednesday, 29 November 2017

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Teaching Mixed Ability Science

From the excellent online resource, Big Think, this article includes a video about the importance of leaders having emotional intelligence. 

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Do Highly Intelligent People make the Worst Leaders?

Some great tips for teachers who use Dojo!

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Using Class Dojo Effectively

This IPC school has taken a creative approach to the teaching of English, making meaningful links with IPC subjects, as well as using think alouds. The results speak for themselves. 

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Teaching English Creatively to get Outstanding Results

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Rob Smith, creator of the wonderful Literacy Shed online resources, and a former teacher, argues that the testing culture in schools is deterring children from reading for pleasure.

How Constant Testing is Putting Children off Reading

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Great Ideas for Teaching Art

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From The Guardian, an article about the environmental consequences of glitter.

Think Before you use Glitter

Based on research, this is a useful video to show students revising for exams. 

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How to Revise Effectively