Thursday, 17 August 2017

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ADHD Course for Primary Teachers

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10 Books Every Teacher Should Read

A video that shows how teachers in a school in Queens, New York, use literacy centres to motivate and help teenage students acquire English. 

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Teaching Literacy to English Language Learners: Video

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Great Maths Teaching Ideas Blog

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German Nursery where Children make the Decisions

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Is our Consumer Obsession Stifling Children's Creativity?

This is an excellent app for teachers of English literature and drama, helping them create virtual classrooms for students. The app has a vast online library of classic literature, and teachers can assign texts to students, monitor their reading progress, and provide feedback. The link contains a short video that shows just how easy Owl Eyes is to set up and administer. Students can access the assigned texts on any mobile device. 

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The Owl Eyes App for Literature and Drama Teachers

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

In his book “Visible Learning”, John Hattie rated reciprocal teaching as number three in the top 49 most effective teaching strategies. It therefore mystifies me why it isn't more widely used in schools, especially when students enjoy it so much.

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The Power of Reciprocal Teaching

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Think Alouds in Mathematics

ADHD: Can Video Games help?

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Autism and Gender

An interesting article that asserts that autism among girls is perhaps being underdiagnosed. 

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Keeping Maths Teachers...

One head of department ponders: how can schools retain teachers of mathematics and keep them happy and motivated?

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Avoiding a Meltdown in Primary Maths
How to stay sane and enjoy teaching maths in the primary classroom. 

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Pupils who learn in second language ‘catch up on listening skills within a year'

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From Alistair Bryce-Clegg's excellent blog,  this presents some excellent, well-researched arguments about whether teachers should begin teaching cursive writing in Reception. 

When Should we Teach Cursive Writing?