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Early Years Foundation Stage Blog

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Creative ideas and planning from two EYFS teachers.

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Real Life Maths

'Real life maths...' is a collection of images and videos on the web to get senior pupils thinking about the maths around them. It was heavily inspired by this video by Dan Meyer, this book by Hywel Roberts and the work that Mathalicious do. 

Phonic Resources

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Picture Sorting for Phonemic Awareness: Reproducible Picture Cards

  • Sorting games and activities for Phase 2 and 3 of Letters and Sounds
  • Recognising Rhymes
  • Counting Phonemes

Everyschool website

Every School Home

Everyschool provides a wide range of resources for busy teachers, parents, homeschoolers and students searching for the best free online educational activities and games.

The links are sorted by subject, key stage and topic, just click on a subject above to find quality educational resources.

Perfecting punctuation with your primary class

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Perfecting Punctuation in your Primary Class

     Follow the link: TES

The Guardian:Secret Teacher

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Secret Teacher: I love teaching, but I'm tired of feeling like a failure

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Article by Alex Ellis

British Ambassador to Brazil. Embaixador Britânico no Brasil

More links

The National Autistic Society provides a wealth of information on autism and education

Teachernet offers considerable information on all aspects of autism and school provision

I-CAN works to support the development of speech, language and communication skills with children who find this hard

Afasic works in the field of speech, language and communication difficulties to help children and young people, their families and the professionals working with them. 

School Action, School Action Plus and Statements of Special Educational Need 

Behaviour Management

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Clowning Around: There's a Comedian in Every Classroom

The class clown can ruin the mood to learn, but with a little understanding and a riff of your own, you can stop these jokesters from bouncing off the walls.

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Monday, 10 October 2016

Building Team Spirit

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‘Which would your students prefer, a parachute jump or holding a tarantula?’

Five ways to create a happy form group


Creativity in Schools - Visual Thinkery

Free online courses

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Online courses

Choose from hundreds of free online courses from top universities and specialist organisations. Find the right course with our categories or collections, or browse what’s starting now and coming up soon.


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It may seem like the semicolon is struggling with an identity crisis. It looks like a comma crossed with a period. Maybe that’s why we toss these punctuation marks around like grammatical confetti; we’re confused about how to use them properly. Emma Bryce clarifies best practices for the semi-confusing semicolon.

How to teach... Yoga

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How to teach... Yoga

Dialogic Reading

Dialogic Reading 

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What is Dialogic Reading?

Dialogic Reading is based on the work of Dr. Grover Whitehurst and the Stony Brook Reading and Language Project. According to Dr. Whitehurst, "In Dialogic Reading, the adults helps the child become the teller of the story. The adult becomes the listener, the questioner, the audience for the child."
Dialogic Reading: An Introduction - Reach out and Read

Dialogic Reading involves asking the child open-ended questions, expanding on the child’s answers, providing encouragement for the child, and keeping the child interested when selecting a book and asking the child questions about the book.

Morgan and Meier 12

There are two procedures that are associated with Dialogic Reading: PEER and CROWD.
Morgan and Meier 13

Prompt: ask the child a question about the book
Evaluate: evaluate whether or not the child’s response to the question was correct
Expand: if the child’s response is wrong, expand on what the child said
Repeat: ask the child to repeat the correct answer

Completion questions
Recall questions
Open-ended questions
Wh- questions
Distancing questions

Big Brown Bear

Brown Bear Literacy Software

"Interactive software programs for whole class teaching in support of the National Literacy Strategy."

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Big Brown Bear