Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Instant Feedback and ‘My Favourite No’!

... the greatest effects on student learning occur when the teachers become learners of their own teaching and the students become their own teachers.

John Hattie
Visible Learning (2009, p22)

A demonstration of really effective formative assessment in senior maths that could apply to many different subject areas. It also shows how we can help students learn so much from making mistakes

Huntington Teaching and Learning

Effective Feedback - Assessment for Learning

Effective Feedback should be...

   - Focus on what is being learnt (learning objective) and how students should go about it (success criteria)
   - Occur as the students are doing the learning
   - Provide information on how and why the student has or has not met the criteria
   - Provide strategies to help the student to improve

Comment only marking

  • Comment-only marking provides students with a focus for progression instead of a reward or punishment for their ego (as a grade does).
  • Comments should make it clear how the student can improve.
  • Plan activities and work with feedback in mind.

Feedback Sandwich

Feedback can be delivered in different ways. Two examples of feedback ‘sandwiches’ are –

1.Positive comment
   Constructive criticism with explanation of how to improve
   Positive comment

2.Contextual statement: I liked….because….
    Now/Next time…
    Interactive statement e.g. a question based on the work

Overview Effect

This site is excellent for teachers of geography, global perspectives, contemporary studies, IPC, art, TOK and PSHE. The short video is as fascinating as the photographs. It is amazing to hear from astronauts whose mission was to see the moon but, in fact, they were mesmerised by views of our own planet from space, which has had a profound impact on their desire to preserve it:

Overview Effect

Talk for Writing: Instructions

How to Trap a Dragon

IB Blog

New levels to learning

Minecraft is now a firm favourite for students and teachers alike. Educators tell IB World Magazine how they use the popular computer game in the classroom.

Maths: EYFS activities

Problem solving, reasoning and numeracy through cooking

These EYFS resources are designed to support teachers in developing the initial building blocks for mathematical thinking, reasoning and problem solving with students. 

Early Years Foundation Stage Activities

Take free online classes from 120+ top universities and educational organisations.

Coursera is an education platform that partners with top universities and organisations worldwide, to offer courses online for anyone to take, for free. Some courses are designed to develop personal interests whilst others relate directly to education.